[:es]Departamento de Posgrados[:en]Postgraduate Department[:]

The ITM offers through the postgraduate programs the development of the competences of the professional exercise, to attend to the problems of the environment, as well as for the generation of new knowledge in order to contribute to the integral formation of the students, in response to the Needs of society.

Its mission is to prepare professionals with the highest level of advanced training, with social and environmental awareness, given their contribution in the research, innovation and development of a multicultural society, with social relevance and with criteria of quality and equity around Science and technology. In this perspective, the Institution has postgraduate programs to develop new scientific, technological, humanistic and artistic skills, with a clear and rigorous quality, based on lines and research groups, promoting the highest professional qualifications and lifelong learning.

As a fundamental purpose is to provide comprehensive and high quality training for human talent, to positively impact the social, academic and productive environment, from different levels of postgraduate training, with recognition in the public or private sectors, where their responsibility And participation in development processes are relevant to social and productive progress, at the regional, national and international levels.