[:es]Dirección de Cooperación y Relaciones Internacionales[:en]International Relations and Cooperation Office[:]

International Relations and Cooperation Office


About Us

All the actions taken by the International Relations and Cooperation Office (DCRI) are aimed at strengthening the relationships, reputation, and positioning of ITM in the national and international context.

We are responsible for consolidating the Institute’s tradition by creating favorable conditions for an adequate interaction between the Research, Education, and Extension Departments at the national and international level.


  • Assistance in the application process for exchange programs and international internships.
  • Management of relations and strategic cooperation agreements with other institutions in Colombia and around the world.
  • Advisory on international academic affairs.
  • Guidance to foreign students and professors.
  • Identification of opportunities for cooperation between ITM’s strategic units.
  • Promotion of an international culture at the Institution.
  • Generation of coordinated work with national and international institutions that strengthen institutional internationalization.
  • Development of procedures and protocols that make agreements between national and international institutions and ITM possible, thus aiming at promoting academic mobility both ways.

Our Team

María Fernanda Vega de Mendoza
Director – International Relations and Cooperation Office
Telephone: + 57 440 5365

Deyci Liliana Guarín Cardona
Assistant – International Relations and Cooperation Office
Telephone: + 57 440 5365

Maria Antonia López Restrepo
Professional Communicator – International Relations and Cooperation Office
Telephone: + 57 440 5370

Erica Restrepo Vélez
Professional Communicator – International Relations and Cooperation Office
Telephone: +57 440 5310

Internationalization Strategy

The Metropolitan Institute of Technology ITM devised an Internationalization Strategy to consolidate the Institute’s tradition of creating favorable conditions for adequate interaction between the Research, Education, and Extension Departments at the international level.

This  approach is integrated to the perspective of an internationalization model that seeks to empower and improve the relations between people, work teams, and departments with the available opportunities in the international system and with similar foreign institutions.

This strategy sets priorities in the short, medium, and long term and defines some potential geopolitical areas. For this purpose, it is necessary to target the main scenarios of international relations without limiting future possible relations with many other countries and institutions. The principle behind it is to have an open university that interacts with the world.

ITM’s internationalization strategy aims to enforce such process in the policies and daily life of the Institute, to articulate it to its fundamental functions, and to improve the conditions for managing it. For this purpose, ITM’s internationalization plan encompasses the following strategic objectives:

  • To improve the articulation of the internationalization to the daily life of the Institution.
  • To contribute to the academic quality and productivity by means of research internationalization.
  • To strengthen the academic processes of the Institute through academic internationalization.
  • To make progress in the international positioning of the Institution and the processes of international cooperation for scientific and technological development and cooperation, thus developing a city of knowledge.
  • To improve and professionalize the functions of the internationalization service at the Institution.