[:es]Por qué estudiar en el ITM[:en]Why study at ITM?[:]

Why study at ITM?

The Metropolitan Institute of Technology ITM is a higher education institution of the City of Medellin. It serves about 24.000 students in 24 undergraduate, 2 specializations, and 7 Master’s programs. It comprises 4 Faculties: Arts and Humanities, Administrative and Economic Sciences, Applied and Exact Sciences, and Engineering. This is an outstanding offer of study programs because of their high academic quality and relevance in different fields. The Ministry of National Education granted us a high-quality accreditation and thus we have become the first public university institution to receive this recognition in the country. In addition, 16 of our programs have high-quality accreditation and all the Institutional processes are certified by ICONTEC.

The participative and supportive work of the academic community seeks to guarantee the sustainability of our quality higher education model for an innovative and competitive city. In this sense, it is necessary to consolidate thorough self-evaluation processes for the programs and the institution. Such processes are brought to life thanks to the cooperation of ITM’s human talent.

The Institution offers modern facilities equipped with high-tech laboratories concentrated in the Integrated Laboratory System: Parque i. The strategy of this system lies within the framework of the technology clusters in Medellin and Antioquia. Therefore, the development, management, and evaluation of these innovation and technology projects are focused on specific fields such as medicine, energy, nanotechnology, and ICT. This orientation corresponds with the context of global trends and local priorities for sustainable development.

In that sense, the traditional, computer, and B-learning classrooms, as well as the auditoriums, the Museum of Natural Sciences, the Astronomical Observatory and the sports areas are distributed among our 5 campuses. This is where great transformations take place thanks to knowledge and corporate articulation.

Based on our Mission Statement and our Education and Academic objectives, ITM seeks to consolidate a culture of excellence that follows the guidelines for education improvement along with the municipal and institutional development plans.