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Institutional Welfare Office


ITM’s philosophy defines Institutional Welfare as the culture behind Education, Research, and Extension. They contribute to a well-rounded education with quality of life in an organizational climate characterized by a harmonious development of the physical, physiological, social, and cultural dimensions of students, alumni, faculty, administrative staff, retirees, and families in the community.

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Welfare makes an adequate working environment possible; it builds necessary connections with attitudes, gestures of approval or disagreement, rapport or neglect, support or contradiction, the will to act or to be indifferent. In other words, it is the willingness to act in a certain way that prepares you to respond to situations, objects, ideas, or people who you have established relations with no matter the time or place.

Welfare is part of our Mission Statement and the way our organization interacts with its social context. Therefore, a non-negotiable condition is that employees, professors, students, and alumni know and recognize this concept. Everybody should adopt it, identify with it, be aware of their rights, responsibilities, and the moral conduct that they must always—not sometimes—engage in. For this reason, the construction of identity is a fundamental element in welfare. People live in the Institute and know its orientation, dynamics, meaning, and the trust it builds.