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About Us

Affiliated to the General Vice Chancellor’s Office, the IT Department manages the goods and services of the software and hardware platforms, provides technical support for the computers, development and maintenance of the applications, and the administration of the Institutional servers to ensure the availability and protection of the information.


Helping the institutional operation achieve its objectives by providing adequate, secure, efficient, and innovative technology that satisfies the requirements of the institutional processes while adopting a philosophy of responsibility, quality, and confidentiality.


By 2015 the IT Department will become a support center for new information technologies that serve all the processes at the Institute and the academic community at large. Thus, we will gain our users’ recognition for technical support and management of the technological infrastructure at our campuses.


  • To plan and execute IT projects that are part of the academic and administrative processes of the Institute to promote the interest in a culture of technology.
  • To watch over the correct operation of the equipment that comprises the IT platform of the Institution by timely scheduling corrective and preventive maintenance.
  • To control the appropriate use of the IT resources by implementing policies and procedures supported by the Quality Management Department.
  • To contribute to the Institutional Development Plan by satisfying the needs with new technological developments that enable to reach the objectives in an efficient way, always at the cutting edge of technology.
  • To manage the technological resources in an optimal way.
  • To provide assistance to users and solve problems related to our technology services.
  • To guarantee the availability of the institutional information at the National Information System of Higher Education (SNIES) and the Dropout Prevention and Analysis System for Higher Education Institutions (SPADIES).
  • To provide teaching aids in specialized classrooms and auditoriums as well as ensure the correct use of the equipment in them.
  • To ensure the protection and security of institutional information by means of information backup and recovery.


  • Responsibility: The IT Department staff must be aware of the importance of completing their tasks and always consider of the consequences of their actions.
  • Service: The IT Department must provide a timely, effective, and efficient service that contributes to continuous improvement processes and is always focused on satisfied users and expectations.
  • Confidenciality: The IT Department staff must highly value work ethics to guarantee that the information they manage is kept safe and it is not intentionally shared with or accessed by unauthorized third parties.
  • Commitment: The IT Department staff must work as a team to reach a higher professional level and carry out the projects planned by the Institute.
  • Teamwork: Unity, commitment, and integration of the IT Department staff results in improved service provision to our users.