[:es]Dirección Operativa de Extensión Académica[:en]Academic Extension Department[:]

Academic Extension Department

The Academic Extension Department is a strategic unit for social outreach. It promotes the Institute through training, special projects, as well as education and technology exchanges in the city, the region, and the country. It comprises several support programs: Continuing Education, Alumni, Entrepreneurship, Cooperation Agreements, Special Projects, Internships, Support to preceding levels of education and education decentralization.

Our objectives

  • To make ITM known at local, regional, and international levels through further institutional strengtheningunder quality and relevance criteria.
  • To contribute to institutional positioning and the solution to problems in the social, academic, and productive sectors .
  • To take actions that show the co-responsibility of the Institute with society, families, the productive sector, charitable organizations, and the government.
  • To establish the needs and expectations of the community regarding scientific, technological, social, and cultural academic extension.
  • To offer a portfolio of services with solutions to satisfy the established needs and the demands of the market in accordance with our knowledge and the Institute’s installed capacity.
  • To make connections between the Education, Research, Welfare, and Entrepreneurship departments at ITM for integrated actions aiming to achieve common institutional objectives of academic and social nature.
  • To devise strategies that strengthen alumni and internship programs as a mechanism to make the Institute known in the productive and social context.

Email: extensionacademica@itm.edu.co
Telephone: (574) 40 52 21 and (574) 40 53 61