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Fraternidad Campus

Located in borough 8 (Villa Hermosa), Sucre neighborhood, the site covers approximately 15 hectares.

It comprises four buildings that constitute the five-floor main building and two underground levels. It is divided into 4 interconnected buildings: K, L, M, and N. The administrative areas, Institutional Welfare, cafeterias, laboratories, classrooms, Professors’ Offices, a 240 person auditorium, gymnasium, library, La Salle Museum of Natural Science, and a covered multi-sports court.

This campus includes Fraternidad Cultural Center, which houses the main auditorium of the Institute. This venue is used for important city events and can accommodate 1,400 people. Besides, it offers ample parking for cars, motorcycles, and bicycles.

Parque i, the building next to the main premises, was conceived as a center for research, development, and innovation.

The operation of this campus is supported by specialized B-Learning rooms with an interactive board, computer rooms, professors’ offices, auditoriums, laboratories, research facilities, Institutional Welfare (consulting rooms and offices), a central library with large research and study areas, sports areas (gymnasium and covered sports area) green spaces, squares, stores, large areas for restaurants, cafeterias, and stationary stores, parking spots for cars and motorcycles, administrative offices, and La Salle Museum of Natural Sciences.

The Astronomical Observatory is another iconic facility of the Institute. It is on the seventh floor of Building L, on the northern side (North-East tower) of Fraternidad Campus. This location has excellent climate conditions to study the stars and the sky in general. The Observatory constitutes a great opportunity for the general public as well as national and international researchers with a specific interest in astronomy, meteorology and space sciences.

Distribution of classrooms:

Tipo de AulaCantidad
Aula B-Learning 29
Aula Informática0
Aula sencilla 66
Aula de Dibujo 0



Auditorium “Menor”

Capacity: 250 people

It is equipped with a Venice sound console (mixer), professional two-channel 405W Q44 sound amplifier, eight 150W 80dB sensitivity EV speakers, Marantz DVD player, Polycom system, CPU, keyboard, wireless mouse, wireless microphone with a ½ wave internal antenna, wired network connection, Wi-Fi, video projector, automatic projection screen, and three air conditioning units.

It is used for academic, research, administrative, and extracurricular activities with more than 45 attendees.

Cultural Centre

Centro Cultural Fraternidad

Capacity for: 1.400 people

Resources: sound control room, acoustic treatment, Venice 160 sound console (mixer), professional two-channel Q44 sound amplifier, DC-ONE digital audio processor, 2  Px 2181 1000W 80 ohms/500W low-frequency subwoofers, 24 405W EV speakers, 2 40Hz-22KHz 700W/HF Frequency Manager, 60W amplifier, 4-input 4-output SQ1G/007153 KlarkTecnik gain controller, stage floor microphones, 3 wireless microphones with ½ wave internal antenna, wired network connection, CPU, keyboard, mouse, Wi-Fi, video projector, automatic projection screen, 6 automatic blackouts, 4 front entrances, 4 side doors for entrance and evacuation, dressing rooms, mixed lighting system with ornate lamps, courtesy and utility lights, church-style benches, and a raised stage.

It is used for academic, research, administrative, and extension activities with more than 250 people.

Address: Calle 54A No. 30 – 01 Boston

Customer support schedule

Monday to Thrusday: 7:30 a.m a 12:30 p.m – 1:30 p.m a 5:30 p.m

Friday: 7:30 a.m a 12:30 p.m – 1:30 p.m a 4:30 p.m

Phone Number: Tel: (+574) 460 07 27