Mission and vision

Welcome to the Metropolitan Institute of Technology, ITM


The Metropolitan Institute of Technology ITM is a public higher education institution of the City of Medellín offering well-rounded education that prepares human talent for life and work. Our graduates display excellence in research, innovation, development, education, extension, and administration. At the end of their programs, they are ready to be employed in national and international contexts and have learned values of human dignity and solidarity along with social and environmental awareness.


By 2021 the Metropolitan Institute of Technology of Medellín ITM will be a higher education institute with a technological orientation, nationally and internationally recognized for its academic excellence, the quality and relevance of its programs, its Education, Research, Extension, and Administration. It will have a flexible and efficient organizational model based on continuous learning and leadership that will enable us to accomplish our mission with social equality and responsibility.

General Objectives

The Metropolitan Institute of Technology has adopted the general objectives set out in Section 6 of Act 30 of 1992:

  1. To advance in the well-rounded education of Colombians in different types of higher education, thus training them to play the professional, research, and social service roles the country needs.
  2. To work for the creation, development, and exchange of knowledge in all forms and expressions as well as to promote its use in all fields to satisfy the needs of the country.
  3. To provide the community with a quality service regarding academic results, methods, processes, facilities, as well as the qualitative and quantitative aspects and conditions.
  4. To be a factor of development in science, culture, economics, politics, and ethics at the local and national level.
  5. To work in harmony at the internal level and with other education and training organizations.
  6. To contribute to the development of the pre-university education levels so they achieve their goals.
  7. To promote national unity, decentralization, regional integration, and inter-institutional cooperation so that the different regions of the country have the appropriate human resources and technology that enable them to properly address their needs.
  8. To promote the formation and consolidation of academic or investigative communities and the relation with their counterparts.
  9. To promote the creation and consolidation of academic or research communities and their articulation relation with their international counterparts.
  10. To maintain and promote the cultural heritage of the country.

Specific Objectives

The Metropolitan Technological Institute (ITM) will have the following specific objectives:

  1. Leading scientific, technical, technological, artistic, economic, cultural and political development at local, regional and national level.
  2. Promote partnerships with other institutions of higher education at local, national and international levels, aimed at strengthening research, innovation, teaching, extension and administration.
  3. Encourage the development of research and the formation of academic networks, for the sake of integration with scientific culture worldwide.
  4. To contribute to the improvement of quality in the previous levels of education at local and regional level, through articulation processes that facilitate access to higher education, seeking to strengthen the areas of development contained in local, regional and regional development plans. national.
  5. Support national and international relations with joint cooperation actions that promote the exchange of knowledge from teaching, research, extension and administration.
  6. To consolidate academic communities capable of articulating with their national and international counterparts in the continuous search for the quality of higher education.
  7. Promote administrative, investigative, educational and extension actions that promote the preservation of the environment from a suitable ecological culture.
  8. Promoting entrepreneurship with relevance and in accordance with the needs of the productive sector, in search of a greater presence of the graduates in the labor field with social responsibility.
  9. Strengthen and sustain the Quality Management System at the institutional level.
  10. Promote, propitiate and lead permanent processes of institutional self-evaluation and programs, always aimed at academic excellence.
  11. Contribute to the articulation of institutions of higher education at the municipal and regional level, with a view to strengthening the development of higher education in the city.
  12. Strengthen the integral training in the competencies required for the execution of the development, research, science and technology plans of the city of Medellín.
  13. Contribute to the municipal administration of Medellín in the execution of its programs and development plans, within the framework of extension as a missionary axis, through its technical, human and logistical resources as an institution of higher education.

Institutional Functions

The Metropolitan Technological Institute (ITM) will have the following functions:

  1. Develop teaching, research and extension programs.
  2. To direct the training of its students to improve the quality of life in the city of Medellín and in the different regions of the Department and the Country.
  3. To create, develop and offer, subject to the Law and regulatory regulations, academic programs within the framework of their legal nature and academic nature, attending to social needs.
  4. To participate with all the institutional community in the humanistic, technological, professional and cultural development of its estates.
  5. To promote the general welfare of the academic community of the Institution.
  6. Grant the professional titles according to the respective academic program, and those titles that the competent organisms authorize according to the Law.